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Active Travel

Our Active Singles Getaways are designed for the solo traveler who enjoys hiking and other active leisure pastimes.  These trips go to destinations around the globe where such active pastimes as hiking, boating and scenic mountain drives along gorgeous mountain and seascapes are the focus of the trip itineraries. 

Our hikes are guided by local professional bi-lingual guides and take you along stunning panoramic scenery. Evenings are spent in quaint villages where we enjoy a hot meal and a good night’s sleep on a comfy bed in quaint local lodges. Some of our overnight stays offer the chance to explore the local flair of the village and interact with both your new singles hiking buddies on the tour, as well as the locals over a drink at a charming little pub.

Enjoy hiking, boating or panoramic  drives through breathtaking scenery during the day and then relax each evening in quaint villages with accommodations in local lodges nestled into these charming little villages or quaint bed and breakfasts tucked away in the scenic mountains.

And unlike other hiking tour operators, we always provide singles with a roommate, for all that desire to save the cost of the single supplement. (single rooms are of course available, for those desiring the privacy of their own room with the applicable single supplement).

Our Active Singles Getaways are rated, at the top of the itinerary, as either Easy, Moderate or Strenuous and list the approx. number of miles hiked on each hiking day in the itinerary.

Our Active Singles Getaways are operated in a small group environment with between 6 and 16 passengers per trip, giving you the chance to best enjoy the spirit, beauty and ambience of your surroundings.

Some of our Most Popular active singles getaways:

Hiking The Amalfi Coast of Italy 

Hiking the Provence region of France

Hiking The Alps of France, Switzerland and northern Italy

Hiking the Dolomite Mountains of Italy

Adventures in Nepal and Tibet – Spend 2 nights in Kathmandu exploring the historical ancient temples and then enjoy a three day scenic drive up the mountain, visiting ancient monasteries and marveling at panoramic vistas, reaching the base camp of Mount Everest at over 16,000 feet before enjoying a 2 day descent down the Tibet side of the mountain and 2 nights in Lhasa Tibet, visiting the Potola Palace, former home of the Dhali Lamma.

The awe inspiring splendor of Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in the world (Venezuela)




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