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America the Beautiful

Enjoy the beauty of the good ol USA on this line of tours.

These tours are shorter than our other lines and offer long weekend trips of 3-5 days or one week.

These trips visit national parks such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, Acadia and Mount Rushmore, as well as historic sites such as the monuments of Washington DC, and the beauty of San Francisco, Napa Valley and the California coast.

Trips are run over holiday weekends featuring special events at the national parks and nearby venues (including the fireworks over the 4th of July at a patriotic site each year)

The trips are limited to between 6 and 16 people to enable all to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the national parks.

Capsule summary of upcoming America the Beautiful trips:                            

Northern Lights of Alaska
Winter Fun Activities Week

March 11-18. 2018











Actual photos of the Northern Lights taken at the lodge where we will go to experience this incredible natural phenomenon.

Join us for a unique winter vacation week.

Click here for details




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