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SAT. OCT. 13TH  -  SAT. OCT. 27TH 2018



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Mount Fuji (Fujisan) at 11,328 feet, is Japan's highest mountain. It is not surprising that the nearly perfectly shaped volcano has been worshipped as a sacred mountain and experienced big popularity among artists and photo seekers from around the world.



In each port, all passengers will have the opportunity to enjoy group shore excursions.  our cruise starts in Tokyo, where it spends two days, thus allowing ample time for siteseeing. we also visit in Japan the incredible ports of Mount Fuji, for amazing natural scenery, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, with their incredible historical remnants from World War 2 and Kagoshima, where an impressive volcano, often compared to Italy’s famed mount vesuvious can be seen, as well as an abundance of hot springs and mud baths.

In South Korea we will visit seoul, where we can see remnants of the 1988 summer olympics, as well as ancient palaces, buddhist temples and tranquil gardens. we will aLso visit the stunning jeju island, South Korea's tropical island paradise, which will enchant you with its sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and amazing volcanic landscape.

Need a break from your beach towel? Waterfalls, museums, folk villages, scuba diving, hiking and festivals will keep you busy. Explore the colorful coral and sea life with a scuba dive off the coast of laid-back Seogwipo, if you wish and enjoy an underground stroll through the world’s longest lava-tube cave at Manjanggul.  We will also visit Busan South Korea, where you can experience the serenity of Beomeo-sa Temple or climb the steps to Busan Tower.

Our cruise ends in Shanghai China, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a guided tour of its many cosmopolitan chinese sites before heading to the airport.

those continuing onto our optional 3 night post cruise stay in beijing will enjoy a guided tour of Shanghai, then a nonstop  short flight from shanghai to beijing and three nights hotel accommodations in Beijing with guided tours of the palace sites in the forbidden city, the temple of heaven and the historic site of tiananmen square.  a full day guided tour of the incomparable Great Wall of China and the ming tombs will be a final lasting memory of this incredible trip.



daily itinerary


Day 1, Sat, Oct 13

 Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan

Arrive on your own flight arrangement or ask us to get a quote from the cruise line for your flights.  Transfers from the airport to the ship are available for purchase any time until 30 days before the cruise and are provided by the cruise line.  Our ship is the Millennium of Celebrity Cruise Line. 

After checking in, relax and unwind with the many amenities of our floating resort.
Tonight, we will have a group meet and greet onboard our ship and then we will enjoy the first of our nightly group dinners.  Each day our ship visits a port, we will enjoy an optional group shore excursion so you can enjoy the magic of Asia, with your new found friends on mini vans or jeeps, instead of being packed into a large bus with 50 strangers.


After her grand makeover in May 2016, Celebrity Millennium® is making waves in the cruise world.. Our Rooftop Terrace provides a chic new way to experience the great outdoors with creative cocktails, favorite snacks, and movies alfresco. Craving Italian? Tuscan Grille serves up fresh pasta and succulent dry-aged steaks. We can't think of a better way to experience the exotic beauty of Asia and the South Pacific than aboard Celebrity Millennium. Out of the ordinary? Definitely. With only 2138 passengers, she is perfectly sized so you never feel lost in a crowd or feel lost on the ship, yet you always have so many fun options to enjoy on this ship.  Each of our clubs, bars and lounges is a unique destination unto itself

Martini Bar & Crush
Classic and contemporary martinis served up on an ice-topped bar.

Rendezvous Lounge
The perfect place to start your evening.

Sky Observation Lounge
Quiet refuge by day, lively music venue by night

Cellar Masters
Large selection of international wines, hand-picked by Celebrity sommeliers

Café al Bacio & Gelateria
Inspired by the ambiance of European cafés, muted sepia tones and pops of citrus yellow bring this space to life

Pool & Mast Bar
Enjoy delicious eats while you relax in the sun.

Sunset Bar
Country club atmosphere with spectacular ocean views.


Things to do on our ship

Make the most of your vacation time and continue your health, fitness and wellness routine while on board. You're invited to indulge your mind, body and spirit in the state-of-the-art fitness facilities with soaring floor-to-ceiling windows. Experience the profound pleasures of the spectacular spa setting with luxurious services and enlightening presentations designed to restore your serenity and leave you feeling fantastic.

Canyon Ranch SpaClub
Discover a legendary spa experience on Celebrity Cruises


Fitness Centers
Indulge your mind, body and spirit with state-of-the-art fitness facilities.


Health & Wellness Programs
Make the most of your vacation time and continue your land-based health, fitness and wellness routines. Guests are invited to indulge their mind, body and spirit with state-of-the-art fitness facilities with soaring floor-to-ceiling windows, and a variety of spa amenities and offerings on board.




Dining– In addition to our group dining each evening, you will enjoy an array of dining options for breakfast and lunch, including the Ocean View Café, Pool Grille and Ocean View Grille, or sushi.


Day 2, Sun, Oct 14

Tokyo (Yokohama) Japan Departs 4:00PM

There aren't many places on Earth that blend ancient tradition and the ultra-modern quite like Tokyo. Centuries-old gardens and cobblestone laneways live in perfect harmony with soaring skyscrapers and dazzling neon lights. Get immersed in an unrivalled dining scene, fashionable boutiques, and endless cultural encounters in this ever-evolving city

Today our passengers can enjoy a group shore excursion to explore this unrivaled city and its treasures.

Tokyo Imperial Palace (皇居 kōkyo; literally , "Imperial Residence"?) is the main residence of the Emperor of Japan. It is a large park-like area located in the Chiyoda area of Tokyo close to Tokyo Station and contains several buildings including the main palace(Kyūden (宮殿?), the private residences of the imperial family, an archives & museum.

Sensoji (also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple) is a Buddhist temple located in Asakusa, the center of the shitamachi (lit. "low town").  
The Asakusa Kannon Temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo
The legend says that in the year 628, two brothers fished a statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy, out of the Sumida River, and even though they put the statue back into the river, it always returned to them. Consequently, Sensoji was built there for the goddess of Kannon. The temple was completed in 645, making it Tokyo's oldest temple

Beyond the Hozomon main gate stands the temple's main building and a five storied pagoda. The Asakusa Shrine, built in the year 1649 by Tokugawa Iemitsu can be found close by the temple's main building

The main entrance is the Kaminari-mon Gate, with a 10 foot tall red paper lantern,
weighing 220 pounds, with an inscription on it meaning “Thunder Gate.


Day 3, Mon, Oct 15

Mt Fuji (Shimizu), Japan
Docked 7:00AM to 3:00PM

Description: Mt Fuji Day Trip including Lake Ashi Sightseeing Cruise from TokyoOn clear days, particularly in winter, Mount Fuji (Fuji-san in Japanese) is visible from as far as Tokyo, 60 miles away. When Japan's highest mountain is capped with snow, it's a Description: perfect volcanic cone. One of the best-known symbols of Japan, this iconic mountain has been considered sacred since ancient times and was even forbidden to women until the early 1900s.

Our passengers will have the opportunity to enjoy an optional group excursion to explore this fabulous natural wonder.

Mount Fuji looks stunning from the sea and even more spectacular on our optional excursion for an up close view

Mount Fuji (Fujisan) at 11,328 feet, is Japan's highest mountain. It is not surprising that the nearly perfectly shaped volcano has been worshipped as a sacred mountain and experienced big popularity among artists and photo seekers from around the world.
Mount Fuji is a dormant volcano, which most recently erupted in 1708. It stands on the border between Yamanashi and Shizuoka Prefectures and can be seen from Tokyo and Yokohama on clear days.


Day 4, Tue, Oct 16

Kobe, Japan
Arrival: 11:00AM  (depart the next day at 10pm, giving us two full days to explore the many sites here)

Perched on a hillside overlooking the sea, Kobe is one of Japan's most attractive and cosmopolitan cities. Home of the heralded Kobe beef, which you will have a chance to sample if you wish, this small city is easily navigated. Visit the Hatsukura Sake Brewery Museum for a tour plus many other amazing sites of Kobe.

Our cruise spends two days here in Kobe, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a different excursion with our group each day.


Day 5, Wed, Oct 17

Kobe Japan Departs 10:00PM

A second day in Kobe to sightsee more and see new and different incredible sites with our group excursion.



Day 6, Thu, Oct 18

Kochi, Japan
Docked 10:00AM to 6:00PM

The capital of Kochi Prefecture on the southern coast of Shikoku is small, friendly, and boasts several attractions of interest to travelers. Make sure to enjoy some Katsuo no tataki, Kochi's most famous dish, and visit the temple and botanical garden at Mount Godaisan.

Another amazing excursion with your new found friends touring the sites of Kochi



Day 7, Fri, Oct 19

Hiroshima, Japan
Docked 9:00AM to 6:00PM

While paying tribute to the infamous nuclear attack that destroyed the city in 1945, Hiroshima is now defined as a beacon of peace and prides itself on its exceptional natural beauty. See more than 300 cherry blossom trees in bloom at Peace Memorial Park, journey to the breathtaking Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima Island, and take time to sample "okonomiyaki"—a delicious example of Japanese soul food.

Today’s optional group excursion will most certainly give you the chance to witness both the Peace Park Memorial, as well as the sites displaying the natural beauty of Hiroshima.


Day 8, Sat, Oct 20
At Sea

A day to relax and enjoy the many splendors of our ship



Day 9, Sun, Oct 21

Kagoshima, Japan
Docked 7:00AM to 6:00PM

Kagoshima is the southernmost city on Japan's bullet train network and the capital of Kagoshima Prefecture. The city is often compared with its Italian sister city, Naples, due to a similarly mild climate, streets lined with palm trees, and Sakurajima, Kagoshima's version of Vesuvius. Near port, find the fascinating Kagoshima aquarium, traditional Senganen Japanese gardens, museums, the Shiroyama mountain-top park with a view over the city, and Yakushima Island, a registered world heritage site. Plus, an abundance of hot springs, mud baths, and spas to promote serenity and relaxation.

From the 12th century to the Meiji Restoration of 1868, Kagoshima was the chief stronghold of the mighty Shimazu clan. The city lies at the top of the Satsuma Peninsula, a mountainous, geothermal wonderland of hot springs and geysers. The area is also rich in modern Japanese history: Saigo Takamori and the Satsuma samurai were leaders of the Meiji Restoration that toppled the shogun and restored the Emperor to power in 1868. In 1877, dissatisfied with the direction of the new government, Saigo led the Satsuma Rebellion, which ended in his death and the final defeat of the samurai.

The symbol of Kagoshima is Sakura Jima - the volcanic island that sits just offshore. The volcano has erupted over 30 times in recorded history.

Description:         Description: Sakurajima55.jpg
                                              View of Sakura-jima from mainland Kagoshima


Points of Interest

Description: ChiranChiran
During Japan's Feudal Era, Chiran was a stronghold of the Shimazu samurai. Stroll down a street lined with well-preserved samurai houses and their gardens.

  • Description: IbusukiIbusuki

The Satsuma Peninsula's foremost resort is famed for its unique sand bath. Geothermal springs heat the sand to approximately 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Description: Sakura JimaSakura Jima

Mt. Sakura Jima rises over 3,000 feet above the waters of Kagoshima Bay. The volcano has erupted over 30 times in recorded history and is still mildly active today.

  • Description: Lake IkedaLake Ikeda

The largest lake on Kyushu is actually a caldera, a collapsed volcano. The lake serves as a stunning frame for Mt. Kaimon, a volcano that recalls Mt. Fuji in shape.


  • Description: Kamikaze MuseumKamikaze Museum

Chiran Air Base was home to Japan's Kamikaze squadrons. Tour the Tokko Heiwa Kaikan with its comprehensive collection of aircraft, models, mementoes and photographs of the Special Attack Corps.

  • Description: Iso GardenIso Garden

The superb 17th-century garden offers views of Sakura Jima. Many historic relics remain in the garden and villa. The garden overlooks magnificent Mt. Sakurajima and Kinko Bay. Iso Garden include the Shoko Shuseikan Museum

Today’s optional group excursion features the natural volcanic highlights of Kagoshima by minivans or jeeps.

For the active minded, a 2 hour hike up Mount Kaimon is a real treat, offering stunning panoramic views of the entire island from the summit.    The mountain is just under 2800 feet high and looks strikingly similar to Mount Fuji.

From the trailhead, follow the trail straight through a somewhat dense forest. The trail is well trodden and there’s only one way to the top, so it’s pretty difficult to get lost. You should reach the 5th stage (五合目) in about 30 to 45 minutes. From here the fun begins, as the trail follows the contour of the mountain in a full circle, without ever doing any switchbacks. There’s no other trail like it in Japan. You will have wonderful views of the surrounding coastline and the crystal clear waters. The trail is quite rocky, so make sure to wear a sturdy pair of shoes. Continue winding your way around the mountain for about 90 minutes or so until the exposed, rocky summit comes into view. In wet weather this final section can be very slippery, so take care. Once on the top, enjoy the amazing panoramic view.

On a clear day you can see all the way to Yakushima! After a well-deserved break, head back the way you came, and watch out for the crowds if you got an early start.

It is a 2 layered composite volcano, consisting of a basal stratovolcano and a lava dome. It is also called the ’Fuji of Satsuma, because of its elegant summit and mountain-crest, and was selected as one of Japan’s 100 most beautiful mountains. The whole mountain is covered with trees and also Kaimon Azaleas bloom on its slopes. No other mountains are around it; therefore its beautiful conical shape is visible from most areas of southern Satsuma. The large panoramic view from the summit is splendid. The views of many of Kagoshima’s tourism spots, such as Kirishima, Sakura-jima and Lake Ikeda in north, and Yaku Island and Mishima in the south can all be enjoyed from here. Many climbers visit throughout the year, due to a recent climbing boom. You can reach the summit on foot in about 2hrs, which is about 5 km in distance.


Day 10, Mon, Oct 22

Nagasaki, Japan
Docked 7:00AM to 6:00PM

Historically rich Nagasaki features beautiful seaside scenery and fabulous views from its mountain slopes. Secluded hot springs, fascinating museums, and ornate temples live side by side in this exciting city. Ten natural parks grace the area, and unique festivals can be experienced throughout the year. Walk through streets influenced by both Chinese and European cultures in fascinating Nagasaki

Nagasaki also has historical significance, as it was also the location of the second atomic bomb dropped on Japan – the one which prompted their surrender.

Another optional group shore excursion today will highlight the beauty and history of Nagasaki



Day 11, Tue, Oct 23

Busan, South Korea
Docked 9:00AM to 6:00PM

It is Busan's premier trading port, adjacent to the Korean Straits and Japan,, that makes it an international metropolis but its beautiful sea vistas that make it a charming place to unwind. Experience the serenity of the Buddhist Beomeo-sa Temple, ascend to the top of the Busan Tower in Yongdusan Park and rejuvenate at Hushimchung Spa.

Enjoy the sites of our first South Korean port with your new found friends on another optional group excursion.



Day 12, Wed, Oct 24

Jeju Island, South Korea
Docked 8:00AM to 5:00PM

South Korea's tropical island paradise will enchant you with its sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and amazing volcanic landscape. Need a break from your beach towel? Waterfalls, museums, folk villages, scuba diving, hiking and festivals will keep you busy. Explore the colorful coral and sea life with a scuba dive off the coast of laid-back Seogwipo. Take an underground stroll through the world’s longest lava-tube cave at Manjanggul.


Day 13, Thu, Oct 25

Seoul (Incheon), South Korea

Docked 9:00AM to 7:00PM

Incheon is South Korea's third-largest metropolis and the largest seaport on the west coast. It is the gateway to explore the capital city of Seoul. This capital city is a mix of modern skyscrapers, sophisticated complexes (like the 1988 Olympic Games complex), ancient palaces, Buddhist temples and tranquil gardens. It offers memorable experiences such as watching the sun set over the ocean from a garden bench, wiggling your toes in fine, silver sand, sitting on the rocks along the shore, sport fishing for the day and being dazzled by red and blue silk-covered lanterns lighting up the trees at night. Hike to either the top of Bukhan Mountain or Namsan Mountain, where you'll enjoy 360 degree views of downtown Seoul.  Visit the Gyeongbok Palace for a wow view of this impressive site on the water.

Changdok Palace
Still the residence of the former Royal family. Be sure not to miss the secret garden (Piwon).
Changdeokgung (Palace) is the oldest of Seoul's Royal Palaces. It dates from 1405, and is still very well preserved. For the Chosun Dynasty (1392-1910) it served as the main palace for over 300 years.

Achansanseong Fortress
The Achansanseong Fortress is a historic site were one cannot only see the impressive fort, built in the Baekje period, but also take a hike in the natural park.
One of the most conspicuous remnants of Seoul’s ancient past is the Seoul Fortress wall (서울성곽) that still encircles much of the old city. First constructed in 1396 – just five years after King Taejo founded the Joseon Dynasty – the earthen wall was built to join the ridge lines of the four small mountains that surrounded Seoul proper

There is so much to see in and around Seoul and we will have another great opportunity ready for you to explore them with your new singles buddies.

Description: 25 Gyeonghoeru pavilion
Gyeonghoeru pavilion (also known as Gyeongbok Palace) in Seoul South Korea



Day 14, Fri, Oct 26
At Sea

Another chance to relax and enjoy the ship’s amenities


Day 15, Sat, Oct 27

Shanghai (Baoshan), China

Arrival: 7:00AM

Located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, this seaport is a vigorous modern metropolis with a rich Chinese heritage. Your trip to Shanghai is not complete without strolling the Bund, a colonial-era riverfront with neoclassical and art deco architecture, or visiting the Jade Buddha Temple or the beautiful Yu Gardens. Don't forget to stop and pick up authentic Chinese souvenirs in the Old City God's Temple Market.

An optional half or full day guided tour of Shanghai awaits our passengers before a return to the airport for your flight home or enjoy the same full day guided tour of Shanghai, followed by an included transfer to the airport, with evening flight to Beijing as part of our optional 3 night post cruise land tour.


Optional 3 night post cruise land tour of Beijing

Featuring the Great Wall of China, Forbidden City tour, Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square and Ming Tombs


Day 1  - Saturday October 27th – We will get off the ship together and enjoy our guided city tour of Shanghai, featuring the riverfront Bund district, Yu Gardens and other sites of Shanghai.  At the end of the day we will be taken to the airport for our short evening flight nonstop to Beijing.  We will be picked up at the Beijing airport and transferred to our 4 star hotel as a group.


Day 2 – Sunday Oct. 28th - We will be picked up at our hotel

Today’s tour starts at northern part of Tiananmen Square. Seeing the Tiananmen Rostrum, it is the symbol of new China. You could see two pairs of 600 years old stone lions, the ornamental columns, the outer golden water bridge and so on. Besides, you will have chance to view all constructions from distance. From there we will proceed to the Forbidden City, the largest and best-preserved ancient 500 year old imperial palaces group. Visit the Forbidden City along the central axis from south to north. On the way to Temple of Heaven, you will have a chance to visit the Chinese traditional medicine culture. After having a short rest, we'll arrive at the Temple of Heaven, the largest ancient imperial worship architecture group in the world where the ancient Emperors prayed for peace and harvest.

After Chinese lunch in a local restaurant, enjoy a short visit to a pearl free market. And then you will go to the Summer Palace which is the largest and most beautiful Chinese imperial garden. It is regarded as a museum of gardens in China. Finally, we will be transferred back to our hotel around 5pm.

Description: Jokhang TempleDescription: Forbidden City, Beijing
Views from the imperial palace at the Forbidden City in Beijing China


Day 3 – Monday October 29th :  In the morning, we will be picked up to discover another aspect of ancient Beijing. Heading to the Ming Tombs complex, the incredible complex of Ming Tombs includes a 4 mile (7 kilometer) road named the "Spirit Way" lined with statues of guardian animals that leads to the entrance. The Ding Mausoleum is one of 13 emperor tombs, where excavation has unearthed important objects for the study of the history of the Ming Dynasty. Then, you will take a visit to the Jade Carving Factory to see jade carved into various shapes, a unique Chinese craft. The jade carving is very famous special local product, it was not only the excellent skill on carving, but also mixes many Chinese traditional cultures in the jade carving.

After having lunch at a local restaurant, we will be driven to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall, one of the best preserved areas of the Great Wall. The Great Wall rides on the ridge of the Yan Mountain and is enshrouded by a green forest. Hiking up the Great Wall is a challenging climb. Alternatively you can ride the available cable car (at your own expense) to reach the top of this ancient defense project. Cable car fee: 100 RMB/one way (approx. $15), or 120 RMB round trip (approx. $18) .  Or for an adventurous thrill, ride the toboggan.  Toboggan fee: RMB 120 (approx. $18) for cable car up, toboggan down.

Description: Photograph of the Great Wall in 1907
 a view of the Great Wall of China

 Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to taste traditional tea, and you can also experience Chinese Calligraphy for free. Chinese Calligraphy has thousands of years of history and it was regarded as a kind of cultural and visual art. End the tour with a drop-off at our hotel around 6pm

Day 4 – Tues – October 30th – It is time to say goodbye to Asia and return to the airport.  Private or shared transfers to the airport are available for purchase, starting at $25 per person.






  •  CELEBRITY CRUSE LINE’S CLASSIC DRINKS PACKAGE FOR FREE DRINKS THE ENTIRE CRUISE (Note: If you are a non-drinker you can choose to substitute the drinks package perk provided by Celebrity with either free unlimited internet access, or free gratuities, which is a savings of $200).  Single occupancy bookings can also choose instead to take $300 in shipboard credit toward anything purchased on the ship)




TRIP COST:  $3399 Plus tax of $149 for a space in an ocean view cabin, with a non-smoking roommate of the same gender assigned.

Optional single room supplement if you do not wish a roommate at all: $2579

A $500 deposit is due within 7 days of booking.  Balance payments are due June 1st.

Cancelation policy: If you have traveled with us one or more times before, then you are part of our “Ohana” (a Hawaiian term for family we use to refer to anyone who has traveled with us on any trip before). As Ohana, your deposit is fully refundable if you cancel for any reason until the trip cancelation date of May 1st.

If you have never traveled with us before, you may cancel until May 1st for a full credit of your deposit toward any future trip with us that you choose, departing any date within 2 years of your cancelation date.  We look forward to your becoming a part of our “Ohana” and to showing you the beauty of your chosen destination and the fun and friendships you will make travelling with our singles groups



Cost for the three night extension package: $995 including taxes

An additional $100 deposit is required within seven days when booking this cruise with the optional 3 night post cruise extension (Thus making your total deposit $600 for the 14 day cruise with the optional 3 night post cruise land combination)  



ALL OUR PASSENGERS ON THIS CRUISE WILL RECEIVE FREE  - Celebrity Cruise Line’s Classic Drinks package for unlimited drinks throughout your 12 day cruise.  This package normally sells by the cruise line for $55 per day per person, but with this cruise promo it is included in your cruise free.  Your package can be used in the Main Restaurant, any specialty restaurant, the casual dining restaurants and buffet, plus all bars and lounges anywhere on the ship.   The following alcoholic brands are included by Celebrity Cruise Line for this unlimited drinks package.
Vodka:  Absolut • Absolut Flavors • Stolichnaya • Stoli Flavors and Smirnoff

Gin:       Beefeater • Gordon's • Tanqueray

Tequilla:  Jose Cuervo Blanco • Cuervo Gold • Cazadores Blanco • Cazadores Reposado

Scotch:   Bell's • Chivas • Johnny Walker Red • Dewars White Label • J&B & Cutty Sark

Bourbon/Brandy:  Jim Beam • Martell VS • Jack Daniels

Rum:     Barcardi   Bacardi Flavors • Myer's • Malibu • Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum• Bacardi 8

Cordials: • Amaretto • Frangelico • Kahlua • Tia Maria • Pimms 1 • Cointreau • Chambord • Bailey's Irish Cream • Drambuie and Campari

Beers: Bud Light • Budweiser • Coors Lite • Miller Lite • Heineken Light • Heineken • Corona • Corona Light

Wines: We offer a large global assortment of red, white and sparkling wines(champagnes) by the glass. 
Please ask your server for the list included in the Classic drinks package
Non Alcoholic drinks: Fountain soda selections • Fresh and bottled juices • Premium coffees and teas • Non-premium bottled water.

If you wish to enjoy other brands of beer, wine and spirits, you may upgrade to the Premium Drinks package for only $10/day per person.  This package includes all of the brands listed above plus brands such as Grey Goose and Kettel One Vodka, Jameson and Highland Park Scotch, Courvoisier VSOP and Remy Martin VSOP Bourbon/Brandy, Mount Gay and Ron Zacapa Rum, Grand Marnier and St. Germain cordials. Red Stripe • Sam Adams • Dos Equis • Guinness Stout • Newcastle Ale • Stella Artois and Sierra Nevada beers; Premium bottled purified water • Vitamin Water • Red Bull


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